Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blacks Ops First Strike Now Available

While gamers on the Xbox and PS3 have been enjoying this new DLC for some time now, Call of Duty Black Ops has it's new Downloadable Content available on the PC, called First Strike. First Strike contains 5 new maps taking place from areas around the world. There are 4 new multiplayer maps and a new Zombie experience.

One of the maps, Berlin Wall, features combat on both sides of the wall. Discovery takes place on the frozen continent of Antarctica. You find yourself here in a desolate frozen German outpost. In another map called Kowloon, you can fight in a populate Chinese city on the rooftops. On this map you will be under intense fire fighting during heavy rain conditions. Stadium takes place inside pro ice hockey arena. Lastly, Ascension is a new zombie map which takes place in a Soviet launch facility.

Here's a demo for First Strike: